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Team Member  Availability  Department 
Patrick 5 Art Design Programming








ToDo List


Task  Description  Owner  Category
Create a ToDo list  The list should include all sorts of items  PC   
Represent portals with icons The portals need to represent their destination with a mesh instead of a plane -- Art Nav
Concept Sketches for assets Final assets should begin with concept sketches    Art Des
Move announcements to UI loc Announcement text should be in the defined location   Des UI
Portal Location Not all portal locations correctly link to and from their intended locations   FCT Nav
Bring focus to docks There is that area around the shore where no one goes, but it is a great spot to check out   Des Nar






Models Placement and Boundary Box Bugs 
Priority (0-3)



- Some Buildings cannot be entered. 1 0
- small fishing hut near water has no collision. 1 0
- (main Gate)Able to jump behind fence from the right side. (facing the front of the npc). Much harder to do now, but still possible.
3 3
-Going against the tombstone from the side allows you to walk over them. 1 0
-corner of the fence at the farm is floating above the ground. 1 0
-not able to walk on the boats at all. 1 0
UI Bugs    
Death screen doesn't continue     
No Map- considering attaching camera
2 1
Potion overlaps XP 2 0
No visual inventory 2 1
Animation Bugs    
- is the jump animation suppose to be repeating while falling or suppose to do it once then hold the pose till landed?  2 0
-Still not able to do crouching animation. 3 0
Quest Bugs 
Weeping woman doesn't  give complete quest     
-no messages of "find ...." or "Quest Complete" appearing on the side of window. Don't know if its suppose to be like that or is it?  *Grn words*
2 2
The Weeping Woman does not activate a quest. (Intentionally left out of current build) 1 1
-Able to complete quest 1 "get the oyster" without lowering the water.  2 2
Pickup Bugs 
AI Bugs 
Random Bugs and anything else wrong.
-Character model flickers. FIXED !
3 3
- camera angle reverts back to first person when player dies. Couldn't find away back into third person.  3 0
NPC models are bigger than player character.  2 3
-Able to get the player character on top of the mountain surrounding the town by walking up one the sides of the hill near the dock.  FIXED!
2 3
-Walking into fence at a certain angle makes you walk over them. 1 3
-You are able to walk on merchant stands . Not the cover of them, just the stand the items will be on. FIXED!
1 3
- small docks  by the small boats need to be strecth a little so the character doesn't walk in the air when near or going by the dock pillars. 1 0
-Able to swim all the way from the land to the point falling of the edge of the map. 1 0
The default link gun is still in. Also when you fire it the shots come from above the player character. also the alt. fire is just a green circle on the surface. FIXED!
3 0
-game crashing in editor 4/26/10 7:36 pm *Seems to happening when trying to jump over something or when trying to go up the side of the mountain* FIXED!
3 1


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