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Moxie- Mercenary

              Gender: Female

              Age: 24

Hair: Brown

              Eyes: Light Brown

              Build: Terminator 2 Sara Connor

              Origin: High Pass





                            Eager to please




  Moxie Script (excerpt from Voice)

File Name/UI Scene


Character Action / Attitude Dialog
moxieGreeting Moxie waving

“Hi there! How would you like to join the Greathelms?”


moxieResponse_1 Player curious The Greathelms? Who are they?  MoxieA
    dismissive wave Can't today, I'm sorry.   moxieExit
    Cross-eyed, tilting head to one side

I flew over the moon this one time and it was awesome!


moxieA Moxie beaming with pride They're the best mercenary company on the continent! I've been with them for years now! moxieResponse_2



Moxie shrugs Oh. Well, come back if you want to talk (end)
moxieExit2 Moxie takes a step back Uh, okay... (end)
moxieResponse_2 Player listens intently That's interesting. What do you do? moxie2A
  Player scratches his head I don't know. What kinds of jobs does the company provide? moxie2B
  Player excited Sweet! Do we get armor and stuff? moxie2C
moxie2A Moxie stoked I'm a shock trooper! I wear medium armor and carry a mace and shield! moxieResponse_3
moxie2B Moxie waving a hand from side to side Sometimes there's bodyguard work, sometimes it's guard duty, but every now and then, we go on raids or into full-on battle! moxieResponse_4
moxie2C Moxie businesslike Yes, the Greathelms provide shortsword, breastplate, Helm and shield. You can bring your own weapons and armor if you want, and you can keep loot you find in combat.moxieResponse_4
moxieResponse_3 Player impressed Wow! You sound pretty tough! moxieC1
  Player worried That sounds dangerous! moxieC2
  Player cautious A shock trooper? Did you make that up, or did they tell you that? moxieC3
Moxie C1 Moxie very proud Yeah, you bet I am! moxieResponse_4
Moxie C2 Moxie bragging Kinda. Makes you keep your shield up and keep that mace swinging! moxieResponse_4
Moxie C3 Moxie haughty

Hey, I had to qualify for that! It's an honor to have a title at all in this company!




Player swings a fist to emphasize the point Well shucks! The life of an adventure capitalist is for ME!
b Player evasive Tell you what, let shift some paradigms, and I'll get back to you
c Player shrinking back Sorry, but I'm allergic to death! I'll pass...
MoxieE1 Moxie elated YES!! Sign here, friend!
MoxieE2 Moxie suspicious Well, alright, but make SURE you come back
MoxieE3 Moxie getting angry Whatever. Beat it before you get beat!


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