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The first character in the game. He is a member of the village's guards, and has special merit as is noted by his armor. The man refuses to let you pass, then informs you that a curse has been put on you and your only chance of its removal involves dealing with the village witch. He informs you that the sun is setting and that your time is limited.




File Name Character Action / Attitude Dialog
greeting.wav Gatekeeper pokes player with his spear Oi! Get back you wretch! You're not getting out o' this gate!
noBeyond.wav   thumps the butt of his spear into the ground No cursed men beyond this gate!
lookCurse.wav   looks angry Look, you've got a curse on you! The elders say we can't let you out, 'cause you'll contaminate the wildlife!
offWithYe.wav   points with his spear towards the woods Off with ye! Go talk to the witch if you want help, no me!



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